Pet Identification

We recommend you get your pet microchipped with a good, reputable microchip company.  At Linden Vet we make use of Virbac microchips.

Microchipping your animal ensures that your contact information is with your pet, in case he/she gets lost and end up at the vet or a welfare society/kennel.

When a stray animal comes in, we scan it with the idea of relocating the animal to its home.  The scanner will pick up a number of the microchip.  We would then search this number on the internet and the result would then be the owner’s details which enable us to immediately phone the owner to inform them that their pet is with us.  Unfortunately, we also see cases where the pet is not microchipped and the owners can’t be found.

Please consider getting your pet microchipped, even if it is an older dog/cat.

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