Pet Tips

How do fireworks affect our animals?

Lighting up the night sky with a magnificent display of pyrotechnics is a popular and fun way to usher in a new year; but while it may be enjoyable for us, it is hellish for our four-legged companions.

Fireworks, along with thunderstorms and owners who have gone away, are the main causes of lost or stray animals over the holidays.Read more about various ways to prepare your pet for thunderstorms or fireworks

By-Laws Relating to Dogs and Cats by City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality

Have you ever wondered about the restriction on the number of dogs you can keep, about permits for keeping dogs and rules around dogs in public places? Read more about the by-laws relating to dogs and cats in the City of Johannesburg.

Dental Care

We recommend that you brush your pet’s teeth one to three times per week. This significantly reduces the frequency that they need to have their teeth scaled and polished (under general anaesthesia!).

Moulting Pets

If your pet moults a lot, wet a face cloth and wipe him/her once a day. This helps to remove most of the loose hairs. You may need to do this in addition to brushing and it is more effective for cats and short haired dogs.

White pets

If your pet doesn’t have pigments (especially on the belly and around the eyes and nose), we recommend applying sun screen to these areas each morning to prevent sunburn.



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