COVID-19 Lockdown

Dear Linden Vet Client

It should come as no surprise that the Department of Agriculture considers veterinary services to be essential and should therefore continue operating during the impending lockdown. This doesn’t mean that things will stay the same at Linden Vet as we need to put protection protocols in place.

As such, Linden Vet will stay open for pet food and healthcare product sales as well as offering essential vet care, on the condition that our staff remain healthy and uncompromised.

If you’d like more info on which services we’ll offer during lockdown, click here.

We really care about your pets’ health, your health and the health of the Linden Vet staff. If any one of our staff members contracts Covid-19 and can’t come to the practice, it could lead us to the tough decision of whether to remain open or not. Obviously we’d like to stay open during this critical time.

With this in mind, we’ll continue to implement our precautionary measures and protocols as outlined last week. These include:

  • Providing only essential veterinary procedures
  • Depending on our case load and the wellbeing of our staff, we may shorten our working hours. For now our hours will stay the same to stagger appointments and enhance social distancing
  • Encouraging our clients and staff to keep as safe a distance as is practical from other people
  • Allowing one healthy person to accompany their pet/s into the consulting room
  • Regularly cleaning and disinfecting working areas such as door handles, reception counters, etc.
  • Providing disinfectants to clients and staff
  • Ensuring that our staff disinfect themselves regularly to minimise the risk of infection. (The World Health Organisation discourages people from wearing masks and gloves in cases where they are not infected with the virus or do not work directly with infected patients.)
  • Only requiring the necessary staff to be at Linden Vet. We’ll be sending home those staff members who are able to work from home
  • Reducing or stopping visiting hours for hospitalised patients
  • Arranging local accommodation and alternative transport for staff who normally need public transport. We want to completely reduce the risks of public transport during this time
  • Arranging chronic medication to be dispensed in advance

If you need to make an appointment and bring your pet in for treatment, click here.

If you need any chronic medication to be dispensed, please phone us with this request in advance. This will give us the necessary time to prepare and limit your waiting time in reception.

You can still purchase pet food and veterinary healthcare products like tick and flea products (and much more) directly from the practice during the lockdown. If possible please phone in advance so we can get your order ready for you before you come in. Alternatively you can order via our website and have it delivered to your home

As Your Family Vet, we’ll continue to do our best to protect your family and ours, given the nature of this pandemic and the difficult changes it’s imposing on all of us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Kind regards

Drs Tanya Potgieter, Michelle Ford and your Linden Vet family

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