Pet identification

We recommend you get your pet microchipped with a good, reputable microchip company.  At Linden Vet we make use of Virbac microchips.

Microchipping your animal ensures that your contact information is with your pet, in case he/she gets lost and end up at the vet or a welfare society/kennel.

When a stray animal comes in, we scan it with the idea of relocating the animal to its home.  The scanner will pick up a number of the microchip.  We would then search this number on the internet and the result would then be the owner's details which enable us to immediately phone the owner to inform them that their pet is with us.  Unfortunately we also see cases where the pet is not microchipped and the owners can't be found.

Please consider getting your pet microchipped, even if it is an older dog/cat.

Feeding regime

It is very important to feed your pet twice daily.  Often the first question the vet will ask during a consult is whether your pet is eating or not.  This is very important information, and will aid the vet in making a diagnosis.

It is also very important for yourself as pet owner, as you will more easily pick up which one of your pets is not eating when you put the food bowls down and you will therefore quickly pick up if your pet is sick.

Getting a new pet

Getting a new pet can be very exciting, but it is also a big responsibility that we tend to forget with all the emotions that goes along with the excitement of a new pet.

We suggest that you do research on the breed of your pet before you get your pet.  Researching will help you determine the energy levels of your new pet, whether there is any diseases your pet is predisposed to genetically, whether your pet is a people loving animal or not.  You can even find out what its coat is like and how to groom him or her.

It is also advised to make a shopping list of what you will need for your pet.  This would include things like water and food bowls, toys to keep them busy, litter and litter trays if necessary, puppy training pads and treats for rewards as a training aid.  The shopping list will also help you determine if you can afford a new pet or not.

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Pet hair removal

You love your pet but his/her hair is all over your clothes and furniture and it's driving you and your family nuts!

Well, there is no need to stress because these days there are many products available that can help you remove the unwanted hair.  Some of these are lint rollers, with nifty refills available and special sponges for hair and lint removal.  If you need a quick fix and don't have any of these products, you can try sellotape - the hair will stick to it.

Brushing your pet regularly (up to 3 times a week) will also help with the loose hairs.

If you are overwhelmed by your animal's coat you can always take your furry friend to a professional groomer.

There is no need to love your pet less.




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