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Are there any pre-anaesthetic instructions for my pet?

You may bring your pet in for surgery any day of the week, (Mondays – Fridays). Please remember to stop feeding your pet from 22:00 the previous night. For cats, this means keeping them inside overnight. Water intake is fine. Your pet must be checked in at the clinic between 07:30 and 08:30 and may be collected between 16:00 and 18:30, unless you are instructed otherwise. Should your family pet need to come for surgery please contact the practice to book a date.

What should I expect after my pet has had an anaesthetic?

As in humans who have had anaesthesia, pets tend to be very groggy and sleepy. They are likely to stay drowsy for the better part of the day and the day following the anaesthetic. On getting your pet home, only offer small amounts to eat and drink (chicken and rice is ideal). Your pet may choose not to eat or may eat and then vomit, this is a common side effect of anaesthesia. If vomiting does occur, do not offer anything to eat or drink for two hours. Pets often shiver after anaesthesia as their temperature tends to drop during surgery. Cover your pet with a warm blanket if they seem to be cold. If your pet stays very drowsy for longer than 24 hours after they have had an anaesthetic, please contact us at the practice or bring your pet to the practice for a check-up.

When are stitches supposed to be removed after my pet has had an operation?

Please bring your pet to have its stitches removed 10 to 14 days after the procedure. Should your pet start removing the stitches by itself, in the interim, contact us to fit a collar or medicate your pet.



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