Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to some Frequently asked questions you may have.

When is a good idea to take my puppy for his/her first grooming session?

It is best to wait until your puppy has had all of the primary vaccinations.  After these it would be ok to book your pup for grooming.

Remember to make sure the groomer is professional and that it is a safe environment to take your pet to.

How often should I deworm my animals?

In order to prevent worms, deworming every 3 months (12 weeks) is a good idea.

At Linden Vet we sell dewormers over the counter, so please pop in and ask for help if you need.

What temperature is considered normal for a cat?

38° - 39,2°

What temperature is considered normal for a dog?

38° - 39,2°

At what age is my pet considered a senior?

Cats become senior at around 7 years of age.

Dogs depend on what breed they are.  Small breeds start their senior years at 7 and large breeds at 5.

So from these ages you may change their food to a senior diet.

I've heard a lot about F.I.P. What exactly is it and should I be concerned for my cat?

F.I.P. is a fatal disease known as Feline infectious peritonitis and can be seen in young cats from 6 months to 2 years.

F.I.P. is a very 'tricky' disease being hard to diagnose.  Many of the symptoms look like other diseases that is not so serious and can be mistaken for Feline Corona Virus.  Some symptoms include breathing difficulties, swollen tummy, cloudy eyes and behaviour changes.

For more information on F.I.P. please read the following article;

Do I have to bring my pets for their annual vaccination on the exact date that their booklet states?

The date of vaccinations for puppies and kittens are more important to stick to than in your adult pets.

Young puppies and kittens are still building immunity and therefore exact vaccination dates are important.  In older cats and dogs vaccination is used to boost immunity and also to give your pet a thorough check up, therefore sticking to the exact date is not as important as in your younger pets as long as you still bring him/her in annually (once a year).

How often should I have my dog's nails trimmed?

Your pet's nails will be checked during his annual health check up at the vet.

Inactive and older pets may need a pedicure more often.

From what age can my dog be spayed or neutered?

You can have your dog spayed or neutered from the age of 6 months.

Please remember to make an appointment a couple of days in advance.

From what age can my cat be spayed or neutered?

You can have your cat spayed or neutered anytime from 6 months of age.

Remember to book an appointment a couple of days in advance.



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