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With so many tick and flea treatments on the market for dogs, one of which is a tablet, what would be the best to use for my dog?

This is quite a challenging question as different dogs respond differently to products available on the market.

The tablet forms of tick and flea control for dogs is pleasant to use if you have a dog that absolutely loves swimming because the spot-on treatments works with the oil of the skin on the dog, therefore if your dog swims you have to wait at least three days for the spot-on treatment to be most effective.

At the moment it seems that the tablet form of tick and flea control for dogs is the most popular option because it is less stressful to some dogs.  Some dogs absolutely hates having a liquid put on them where others would refuse to eat a tablet - therefore it basically comes down to preference to the owner, in what way they would find it easier to maintain the health of their pet, and what they are prepared to pay for the prevention and control of ticks and fleas in their home.



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