Paws of Fame

Paws of Fame campaign

​Welcome to our Paws Of Fame campaign!

This is your time to show everyone just how cute or mischievous your furry friend can be! Simply send us an image of your pet doing something unique! At the end of the month the chosen entries will be placed below and your pet could win the “Famous Paw” for that month!

What should I send?

  • Send us a picture(s)* of your pet
  • A short caption of the image (less than 10 words)

Pictures and captions are sent to 

For more information please contact us on 011 782 5367.
View monthly winners on our news page

*Limited to one picture or pet per month

Paws of fame - Comfy

Getting nice and comfy!

Paws of fame - Greener grass

Is the grass really greener on the other side?  

Paws of fame - Oliver

Oliver perfecting his cat yoga.

Paws of fame - Strike a pose

Mom, what does "pose" mean?

Paws of fame - Stop the rain

Someone stop the rain... I want to play!

Paws of fame - Zoey

Moms right hand lady Zoey

Paws of fame - Chester

Anyone want some cuddles!

Paws of fame - Freda

It feels like 9pm...

Giggles smiling

Hi! My name is Giggles!

Paws of fame - Oscar

Grr.. my couch!

Tabitha and Moppet

Well the cat's out of the bag...or is it?

Paws of fame - Zoe


Tabitha in the pot plant

They planted me!

Sophie with angel wing outfit

Wearing my angel wings!

Daxie getting sleepy

So sleepy...

Billy the innocent

I'm innocent!

Sitting like buddha

Sitting like buddha

Caddy and Jesse mini me

Baby sitting the new addition!


Fresh running water please, mom!

Chloe famous hoof

Strike a pose!


Remote! Just out of reach.

Move over, Move over!

Teddy Bear

Fred is named by my husband for "Fred the Feral".

Best part of a winter's night is cuddles with your new BFF!

We played and played and played now we sleep and sleep

..and now we snuggle..


Whats the hurry to make the bed?

If I can't see you you can't see me..Right??

You awake?? Breakfast time???


Stian and I have to share Dad's lap

I now have a special Mom and Dad...
Thank You!

Sharing is Caring


Snug as a bug in a rug

Iz pikture time!


Do I have to get up?

You said what?


Beware of dog: she wants cuddles!




Double trouble!

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