Healthy joints

The best way to ensure your dog’s joints stay healthy can be done in a few steps.  The most important would be to;

  • Start with your dog when he or she is a puppy.  Make sure that from puppy age you feed your dog the correct diet and the best that you can.  Make sure to feed him or her according to the correct breed and life stage.  Diet plays a big role in the management of joints.
  • The second most important thing you can do to help your pet with joint health is to manage your pet’s weight so that your pet isn’t overweight.  Extra weight on your dog will definitely put more strain on the joints, therefore the joint will have to work harder to allow movement and may become painful.
  • That being said, exercise is a key factor, but do make sure that you do not exercise your puppy excessively, as this can hinder the growth process and may cause the joints to get injured.  With exercise, maintaining a balance is quite important.
  • When your pet is already showing signs of Arthritis and other joint problems, there are many joint supplements on the market for you to choose from that may help your pet.
  • Remember to take your dog to the vet for regular check-ups.  The vet would also be able to help in case your pet has any joint disease and he or she will know best on how to manage the situation which may be different from patient to patient.

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