Pet Tips

Browse these pet tips to learn more about common pet care issues. If you have any questions for the vet, please get in touch with us.

Healthy joints

The best way to ensure your dog’s joints stay healthy can be done in a few steps.  The most important would be to; Start with your dog when he or she is a puppy.  Make sure that from puppy age you feed your dog the correct diet and the best that you can.  Make sure …

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Healthy treating

Bones are a big ‘no-no’.  Please do not treat your pets with bones.  Bones get stuck too often as your pet tries to swallow these. Snacks and treats should be healthy and should not be given so often that your pet can gain weight from his/her snack. There are various biscuits on the market that …

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Winter wellness

Fur is great but unfortunately, in extreme weather conditions, it is not always enough to keep warm and healthy.  Make sure that your pet has a dry and wind-free shelter at all times. When it comes to clothing for winter, coats for dogs are great as long as you take the coat off when temperatures …

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Prevention prevention prevention (for Rabies)

By law, it is required to vaccinate your pet against rabies every 3 years, but it is preferable to do every year (annually) in order to prevent. Please read the following articles about Rabies for more information; Rabies Frequently Asked Questions About Rabies

Buying a cat collar

One thing you need to establish first before buying a cat collar is whether your cat is an inside or an outside cat.  It sounds like a silly question but it can be very helpful. You see, when your cat is an insider who never gets out, you can almost buy any collar. With outside …

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